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 A little bit about me

In time honoured tradition, here are a few snippets about me, my life and my writing life. A potted history, if you like.

I was born in County Durham but oddly, I feel that I have never been there, as my family moved ‘down south’ when I was about six. I have vague memories about teasing because of my Geordie accent when I started primary school – the accent is long gone – I sound like a proper Southerner now.

School was average and no, I cannot boast any early pretentions about wanting to be a writer. I have mild dyslexia. At school, the muddled words and inability to remember anything by rote marked me out as lazy, or stupid, and usually both.

I was good at art and did begin A levels but the stress of still trying to tackle core subjects meant I dropped out fairly quickly and went into hairdressing.

Hairdressing and I got along fine. I travelled the world working on cruise liners, came home, and opened my own salon.

Somewhere in the above, I got married too young and divorced. I could go into detail, but how long do you want this post to be?

Anyway, I married again. This time I got it right. When pregnant with our first child, I sold the salon. I was not sure what I wanted to do next. Somewhere in the throes of new motherhood, I decided I wanted to teach.

The big thing that had happened was computers. My husband bought one and persuaded me to ‘have a go.’ As soon as I poked that mouse and played that keyboard, I just knew that here was my salvation. Everything I battled with - illegible handwriting, misspelt words, lack of connectives – were now easily corrected with the machine’s help. I taught myself to type properly with an online course and took a degree with the Open University followed by a PGCE – I became a primary teacher.

Time has flown. Our two children have left the nest and it is many years since I had ‘my own class.’ But I am still a teacher, only these days, I am more a writer that teaches than a teacher that writes. Supply Teaching has proved to be the answer for me. Working for a large agency allows me to choose my working hours which gives me almost enough writing time.

I began writing a ghastly ‘novel’ when I was working on those cruise liners. I cannot remember much about it, which is probably just as well. Something vaguely romantic scrawled into a notebook at first and then on one of those ‘brother’ typewriters that had a tiny screen showing the sentence in progress. The title was ‘Good People’. No idea why. 

I never really wrote anything with any intent again until about ten years ago when I began a dark fantasy epic. It is so very nearly finished - I plan to bring it out in 2020. Whilst working on this I have had some success writing a few articles on various topics. Teacher stuff, obviously, as well as personal pieces about my life experiences, writer's platform, Twitter in particular and travel. 

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