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Why the Lockdown made me fall back in love with my e-reader

You can watch as much television as you like - and you will be entertained - but there is nothing like the total immersion that reading a book provides. In these strange times - at the time of writing the UK is in its second lockdown - book sales of every kind have surged. During the summer we all hoped that covid 19 had gone away or at the very least had lost its ferocity and was on the wane. Once again we must stay at home as much as we can and once again I am glad to have invested in a new e-reader at the beginning of the year.

I love books. Real books and my house is full of them. Bookshops are my delight. But without the normal popping out to the shops and, well, just having a quick look in the bookshop, life is not the same. I know I can buy anything online these days yet books - actual paper ones - are somehow not as joyful to buy in this way.

But the real reason is the totally instant delivery of the eBook. No more wandering around the house late at night peering at my bookshelves hoping to to find something I would like to read again. Or wishing my husband (very slow reader) would finish his book so I can have it. No. A quick flick about in the 'store' on my eReader and I have my next book straight away - Zap!

Another thing I love is how this new eReader lights up giving me the chance to read anywhere without the need for extra light. I can slake my insomnia without bothering anyone. Read in the car or in a waiting room.

Another benefit, and I am unsure whether this is a common experience or just my imagination, but I do seem to read much quicker with it. Which is good because I do download a lot of books!

So what am I reading? You may well ask. The device is at a loss. It used to try to recommend my next book - poor thing - but now it has given up. I may write in a particular genre - I read in many and a great deal of non-fiction also. I like different things.

One thing is a constant though. At bedtime I like a story. Something from someone else's imagination and observation. For there is nothing quite like the diversion it provides from a crazy world.

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