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Lilly's Seasonal Spell
a Mid Witch Short Story.

One Woman’s Struggle with Midlife and Magic


Lilly is facing the fact that her husband is a philandering bastard, and she needs to move on now her children have flown the nest. Losing her job has not helped her dire financial straits, and her almost ex-husband wants to sell her ancient family home against her wishes. As she grapples with rude estate agents, stray dogs and hot flushes, a new problem emerges – she’s becoming a witch.

This paranormal women’s fiction is book one of the Mid Witch Trilogy, a funny and poignant take on midlife with a pinch of spice and a touch of magic.


A corrupt coven, an ancient family curse and a sexy estate agent.


She didn’t believe this magic nonsense would last.

Middle-aged, menopausal Lilly could probably cope with her shit of an ex-husband, boomerang kids and her current financial crisis if she hadn’t recently become a witch.

Lilly must escape a shadow that hunts the uninitiated. Tricky when she hasn’t got a clue about magic and in this mysterious new world, nobody will explain or help.

Learning the secrets of witchcraft is her only chance. But who can she trust – apart from the dog? - a dubious coven, the ghosts of her ancestors, or the bloke she met in the library?

Can Lilly uncover the source of her magic before someone steals her power and takes away the home she loves forever?   

Mid Witch Two is the delightful and absorbing second book in the Mid Witch Trilogy, paranormal women’s fiction novels. If you like midlife humour, a few sexy interludes and magic in an English country setting, you’ll love this mature heroine’s uplifting story of self-discovery. 

Buy Mid Witch Two for a magical midlife today.

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