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About DJ

 Travel writing. Humour. Family life. Social interest. Writing life.

Art. Photography.


Dark Fantasy series coming in 2020 

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I travel - a lot. At nine years old I went to East Africa to stay with some family friends on their coffee farm. So from a young age I was aware of a wider world beyond the one I lived in. That first trip sparked a curiosity that has never left me. 

Small World

People say it's a small world, but I have never found that. More  travel simply reveals the world's infinite variety and complexity. Every journey points toward a new discoveries.

In the Frame

A tiny pocket Canon or my trusty Sony Cyber-shot is never out of reach. The blessings of digital photography mean I can take as many shots as I want - and I am no stranger to photoshop.

All images are my own unless otherwise stated. 



 I have written for various webzines about writing, writer platform/social media and the dark fantasy genre. For local publications about travel and the humorous life. I have a piece in Psychologies Magazine (Nov)about family life. 


 Overseas travel 2017- 2019

Hong Kong, Sydney, New Zealand - Auckland, Napier, Taranga, Thailand - Bangkok. Czech Republic - Prague. Italy - Milan,

Italian Lakes, Tuscany & Venice. New York. Malta.


UK travel 2019


Scotland, Northern and Southern Ireland,

Wales - Llangollen canal,  Wiltshire - Kennet and Avon canal


Looking for a piece about any of the above with photographs? Contact me below.


Contact Me

Please do contact me. I'm always keen to take on new writing projects

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