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About DJ

If I could have given myself a little advice - don't start your writing career with a dark fantasy epic - would have been it. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. A short novella with an uncomplicated storyline with which to crack the many secrets of the Indie Author Code would have made an ideal start. Then again, nothing in life is easy, nothing worthwhile anyway. 

Within the next few months I hope Black Throne, a dark and thrilling fantasy running to four books will be on the market. 

I am seeking Beta Readers who will receive free copies in exchange for their thoughts on anything from typos to story-line. If you would like to be on my reading team, please contact me below and add 'Beta Reader' in the subject line.  

To keep the wolf from the door I also write magazine articles, examples can be found on the tabs above, Travel Writing and Life.

In the Frame

A tiny pocket Canon or my trusty Sony Cyber-shot is never out of reach. The blessings of digital photography mean I can take as many shots as I want - and I am no stranger to photoshop.

All images are my own unless otherwise stated. 


Contact Me

Please do contact me. I'm always keen to take on new writing projects

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