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CRYSTAL BOUND         Epic Fantasy Series

Crystal Bound is now on
Kindle Unlimited

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War looms.  A Genocide has begun and those who can, choose sides and hope to survive

Few beyond the king’s inner circle are aware of her considerable abilities. Small, feminine, and lethal, Sho is the first of the Crystal Bearers who guard the king. She has kept him safe since they were young - and that was long ago. But she is more than a bonded soldier she is his friend - some would even say she is his adviser and many suspect they are lovers - especially his queen who plots to kill him and take the throne for herself.

The shy king falls in love with a young man who, against tradition, Sho has brought to live at the Keep. For a while, all is well until the king’s true identity is revealed. Can Sho re-unite the unlikely lovers and help her king find true happiness or is she destined to carry his sadness inside her forever?

In the north, the enemy is gathering in number and strength. A new leader who proclaims himself a God promises the Sturgar nations they will rule the Trilands. Balancing the scales of power is just a game of numbers - and they are very good at killing.

King’s Assassin is the first book in the Crystal Bound series. Perfect for fans of Game of Thrones. Begin DJ Bowman-Smith’s compelling dark fantasy epic today.




Bk 2 EBook cover.jpg

The king is in mortal danger and only she can save him


Everybody adores the king’s companion with his pleasant temperament and healing powers and for a time his protector, Sho, is happy. However, the Healer refuses to suffer the bonds they all share and Sho’s mistrust of the outsider grows. Is she jealous of the king’s new-found intimacy or is the gentle Healer a threat? Sho must decide before it’s too late.   


She has no reason for the hate she feels but her instincts have never failed before. Sho knows that protecting her king will be painful. She took an oath to defend him against all threats to his life and liberty. Now she must do what she has pledged even though she knows it will break his heart and he will never forgive her.

In the northern ice wastes the Sturgar watch, learn, and plot. The unwitting spy within the royal circle has shown them the king’s weakness and now they have a plan. It is only a matter of time before they bring the shoken king to heel and once again become the master race.

Blood Compass is the second book in the Crystal Bound series. Continue DJ Bowman-Smith’s captivating epic fantasy now.


Ebook 3.jpg

Fate made her woman. Now she must make the ultimate sacrifice


Sho feels the king’s happiness yet she can never truly trust the Healer - or forgive him. All she can do is remain vigilant and try to find a way to believe in the man the king loves.  

Queen Sneela carries the heir and the king is full of hope for a happy future but Sho has her doubts. She knows the king will be in more danger if the young queen comes to live at the Palace.

Threat looms ever darker, ever nearer. For the common people staying alive is a stronger incentive than old loyalties - many show open allegiance to the Sturgar enemy now. In a war without battles, the weakest are vulnerable. The Sturgar believe total victory is theirs for the taking and plan to bring their nation out of the ice-wastes. Soon, the softlings will kneel before their true masters as God intended.


Flame Treader is the third book in the Crystal Bound Series. Continue DJ Bowman-Smith’s fantasy epic to find out who lives and who dies.

Ebook 4.jpg

She’s too young to lead yet the burden of leadership is hers – will courage be enough? 

Atini is the king’s child - anyone can see. Orrld tries to protect her and give her the childhood she deserves - but she is quick to learn and quick to grow and all too soon, Atini is making her own way in the world. All he can do is pray he has taught her enough compassion to become a gentle leader in a violent world.  

Atini has always known she was different even when it was supposed to be a secret. Sometimes this makes her proud and defiant. Other times afraid. The more she learns about the enemy the more she realises how close defeat is.

Her true father the king gathers his army in the east and plans an attack against the Sturgar. That is the rumour. Atini knows the Sturgar rarely come to the battlefield unless they are sure of winning. The slaughter of her army is imminent and all she has to cling to is the hope that the legend of the sleepers is true.  

The Legend of the Sleepers is the fourth book in DJ Bowman-Smith’s Crystal Bound Series. Read on to find out who prevails in the war for supremacy over the Trilands.

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