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A reluctant king falls in love with a boy from the River who has extraordinary healing powers. But the king and the female assassin who protects him are unaware that this boy is an unwitting enemy spy. Crystal Bound is a dark and compelling medieval fantasy for lovers of The Game of Thrones. 

This complete series has four books available in eBook and paperback and a free novella below. 

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Sho is the king's loyal bodyguard. Once she senses danger, she will do everything in her power to keep him safe. His life is her life. Nothing else matters.

When a hunting chase takes the king's party past the ruins of Longshield Castle, Sho knows something lurks in the shadows. Fear for the king's safety makes her return to seek out the threat. What she discovers is worse than she imagined.

Sho must find a way to avert the danger without upsetting the king or his newly forged alliances.

Her plan could take her life. 

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Enter the world of DJ Bowman-Smith's dark, medieval fantasy - Crystal Bound -  a thrilling, sweeping tale of love, war, and torn loyalties. The stuff of nightmares with pure heart.

Beta-reader review.

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