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Crystal Bound is a dark fantasy epic. A thrilling sword and sorcery tale of love, war, and torn loyalties.

A cast of characters clamour for supremacy of the Trilands.


On the side of good, the Crystal Bearers guard their shy and reluctant king as he tries to convince his people that a long forgotten race has gained strength. If he cannot persuade them to join the fight they will all be enslaved - or eaten.  

Meanwhile, the enemy plots, spies and has more allies than they comprehend. Freedom may well become a thing of the past.

Begin this four book noblebright fantasy today.


War looms.  A Genocide has begun and those who can, choose sides and hope to survive

Few beyond the king’s inner circle are aware of her considerable abilities. Small, feminine, and lethal, Sho is the first of the Crystal Bearers who guard the king. She has kept him safe since they were young - and that was long ago. But she is more than a bonded soldier she is his friend - some would even say she is his adviser and many suspect they are lovers - especially his queen who plots to kill him and take the throne for herself.

The shy king falls in love with a young man who, against tradition, Sho has brought to live at the Keep. For a while, all is well until the king’s true identity is revealed. Can Sho re-unite the unlikely lovers and help her king find true happiness or is she destined to carry his sadness inside her forever?

In the north, the enemy is gathering in number and strength. A new leader who proclaims himself a God promises the Sturgar nations they will rule the Trilands. Balancing the scales of power is just a game of numbers - and they are very good at killing.

King’s Assassin is the first book in the Crystal Bound series. Perfect for fans of Game of Thrones. Begin DJ Bowman-Smith’s compelling dark fantasy epic today.






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