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The shoken king, a shy boy in the people’s eyes, struggles with sovereignty he never wanted. Last of his kind, his Pack of life-bonded soldiers, the Crystal Bearers fiercely protected him. Each of the eight are gifted fighters and their leader, Sho, is the most talented of all. She is the king’s Assassin and understands that the peace of the Trilands rests with him. She will do anything to keep him safe.

A gentle River Healer, Orrld, is the sole survivor of a Sturgar massacre. Disorientated and just this side of death, Sho brings him to live with the king’s protectors, the Crystal Bearers. Putting aside grief and a lost identity, Orrld cares for those around him and finds love in the arms of a boy he does not know is the king. Sho is happy that her lonely king has found love. But as the story unfolds, she senses the Healer is a threat. Her mistrust will grow. Loyalties will be divided and her very sanity will be pushed to its limits. Begin Crystal Bound, a dark fantasy epic with King's Assassin now.


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