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The Lost Cartoons of the Pandemic

One thing about being a writer is that we're very observant. There's nothing I like more than sitting on my own in the window of a coffee shop and watching the world go by. The thing about people-watching is that I'm always making up stuff about the people I see. I wonder who they are, and where they're going. Why they're wearing the clothes that they're in. I'm interested in people's mannerisms and the way they are with each other. Body language and facial expressions are endlessly fascinating.

Later, if I find myself with a piece of scrap paper and a pen in my hand, I often draw the odds and ends that I've seen. A man on the beach with a scruffy dog. A woman trying to tame a screaming toddler. And my imagination takes over as it always does, and things get added. The scruffy dog might become a lion. The toddler has a pair of horns. Often enough, I see the funny side of situations and start adding captions. And that's when cartoons are created.

In lockdown, I drew a few cartoons about the situations we found ourselves in. Never afraid of making a little money from anything I create. I sent these cartoons off to a few publications. Sadly, they did not stick. Nobody was seeing the funny side of the COVID crisis. When the lockdown ended, I tried again to find a home for these cartoons. However, once again, nobody was buying jokes about COVID. Even ones with, in my opinion, rather glamorous steampunk characters.

So I have decided to give them a home here on my blog. I hope they race a smile.


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